Employment Discrimination – Cases



  • Housekeeper for a national hotel chain terminated while a far younger employee accused of almost identical performance issues was not.
  • Defense contractor employee with seniority laid off while younger employers without seniority retained.
  • Financial services company analyst replaced by younger worker where company had pattern and practice of engaging in similar conduct.
  • Parking valet for national hotel chain terminated after being falsely accused of conduct where younger valets were not disciplined for the same or similar conduct.
  • Legal secretary for large law firm “laid off” for lack of work, and then replaced by far younger secretary.
  • Executive for non-profit agency terminated under false pretenses then replaced by significantly younger individual.
  • Energy company sales executive ridiculed for being among “oldest” in company by supervisor and terminated under false pretenses.
  • Watchmaker pressured to retire and falsely accused of performance issues.
  • Property Manager paid less than younger co-workers, and then terminated and replaced with significantly younger employee.
  • Nurse Manager at hospital terminated and replaced by younger less-experienced employee.


  • Office Manager for a medical practice terminated shortly after being diagnosed with a serious illness despite record of exemplary performance immediately prior to her diagnosis.
  • Medical Technician at a large hospital not provided reasonable accommodation for serious medical condition and then terminated after returning from medical leave.
  • Asthmatic federal employee transferred to a dust and mold-ridden warehouse even after the employer was notified by his doctors he could not work under those conditions.
  • Fast food chain employee with medical condition requiring routine breaks from standing refused reasonable accommodate request for chair at drive-thru window.
  • IT professional disfigured in automobile accident terminated under false pretenses.
  • Manufacturing company employee terminated after making worker compensation claim for job related injury.
  • Car Salesperson with highest sales ranking in dealership terminated after suffering back injury requiring temporary light duty assignment.
  • Furniture company Manager with back condition terminated after refusing to lift furniture despite not being in job description.
  • Bipolar computer company employee terminated within weeks of reporting disability to manager.
  • Employee of large university retaliated against and constructively discharged after requesting reasonable accommodation for sleep disorder.
  • Town Financial Manager with exemplary performance record terminated after revealing history of alcoholism.
  • Defense contractor employee whose written request for reasonable accommodation from doctor was thrown in garbage by supervisor and terminated shortly thereafter.
  • Bakery employee with vision impairment with no performance warning or discipline terminated and told by owner on voicemail that he was being terminated solely because of his disability.
  • Insurance company employee terminated after Covid-related work at home request denied.

Family & Medical Leave/Pregnancy

  • Attorney at a large insurance company terminated shortly after informing her supervisor that she was pregnant.
  • Pregnant university employee threatened with termination moments after informing her employee she was pregnant.
  • Deputy director level state employee not permitted to return to work after her maternity leave and replaced by male employee.
  • Financial industry executive whose job was “eliminated” while he was on medical leave for chemotherapy treatments only to find out that his position had in fact been filled by another employee.
  • Male construction worker terminated days after requesting Family Medical Leave after birth of his first child.
  • Staffing agency employee with gastro-intestinal disease terminated while on medical leave.
  • Hotel sales manager with superior performance reviews terminated after informing supervisor of pregnancy and attending medically necessary prenatal appointments.
  • Dental practice employee subjected to harassment and disparaging comments concerning her pregnancy and then terminated under false pretenses.
  • Assistant Town Clerk given false performance review and terminated shortly after informing supervisor of her pregnancy.
  • Hospital employee with favorable performance ratings harassed and terminated shortly after informing supervisor of her pregnancy.


  • Residential Home employee harassed and terminated after reporting pregnancy and requesting pregnancy-related  workplace accommodations.




  • Female employee of a utility company treated differently than her male co-workers and subjected to sexist comments and jokes and then terminated after her complaints despite her superior performance.
  • Female employee of global consulting company disciplined and then terminated for being “overly aggressive” towards co-workers, while similarly situated male employees were praised for similar conduct.
  • Female Manager of national healthcare consulting company with highest possible performance review rankings ordered to train replacement, and then demoted and terminated as part of plan to force females out of management-level positions.
  • Male employee of national for profit fundraising company terminated after refusing to hire exclusively male fundraisers at call center he supervised.

Race, Color, National Origin, and Religion

  • Asian employee of a construction company who was verbally taunted with ethnic and racial slurs and then physically assaulted by co-worker.
  • African-American sales executive who was repeatedly subjected to racial comments and offensive jokes by co-worker and manager, and terminated days after complaining about the same to management.
  • Latino car salesperson treated differently than his white co-workers and subjected to racial taunts.
  • Haitian union organizer terminated after complaining of racial discrimination at work.
  • African Nurse Manager treated differently than her white co-workers.
  • Caucasian Maintenance Manager terminated under false pretenses and replaced with unqualified employee of owner’s wife’s ethnicity.
  • Middle Eastern ER Doctor subjected to racial and ethnic slurs by hospital president who revoked ER privileges under false pretenses.
  • High performing Latino Manager for large office supplies retailer treated differently than white co-workers by new store manager and then terminated shortly thereafter.
  • Caucasian bank Assistant Manager terminated after complaining about discrimination against minority employees.
  • African-American Mechanic at luxury car dealership subjected to harassment by white co-workers and terminated shortly after complaints to management.
  • Middle Eastern Manager of fast food restaurant terminated after complaints of discrimination and harassment by supervisor.
  • Russian sales employee form international chain of jewelry stores subjected to racial slurs and harassment from store manager and terminated under false pretenses.
  • Popular Latino high school Teacher subjected to unequal treatment by school principal and terminated despite excellent reviews by department head.
  • Muslim IT employee subjected to offensive comments concerning his religion and country of national origin and terminated after complaining about the same.
  • Muslim restaurant employee terminated for wearing hijab.

Sexual Orientation/Gender Identity

  • Gay employees of a large insurance company subjected to discrimination and harassment because of their sexual orientation and then retaliated against when they reported the conduct to management and human resources.
  • Gay music store manager terminated shortly after informing his manager that he was gay.
  • Heterosexual employee of a manufacturing company falsely accused of being gay by co-workers who repeatedly taunted him, and whose complaints to management were ignored.
  • Gay employee of HMO subjected to harassment, slurs and eventual termination by manager.
  • Heterosexual hospital maintenance employee falsely accused of being gay by co-worker who taunted and physically assaulted him.